Hide directory usage: filemanager_show_directory_count=0

Version 1.60.0


New internal default: filemanager_show_directory_count=1 where you can disable the feature: ./directadmin set filemanager_show_directory_count 0 in order to fully hide the values for directories in the "Size" column. The cells will be fully blank, which helps avoid confusion when filemanager_du=0, meaning a recursive folder size is not computed, thus shows the directory size of "4.0KB", when it may in fact have data in it. Often, you'd want to hide this size as could cause confusion. This feature will hide it for you. Note, when setting filemanager_show_directory_count=0, this does also disable the recursive count, as if filemanager_du was set to 0, to improve performance. ---- JSON CMD_FILE_MANAGER?json=yes&action=json_all&ipp=50 CMD_FILE_MANAGER?json=yes&action=json_dirs&ipp=50 will return: "showsize": "", instead of the human readable "4.0KB". The "size" will always return the true bytes. So if you're not using the "showsize", then please check the table value: info["fm_settings"]["filemanager_show_directory_count"] = 0|1 to see if you should hide the cells for directories (when set to 0) ---- T23774 EVO1785 Compile time: Jan 22 2020 at ~13:55:18

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