Email User exigrep smtp-logs user_email_smtp_logs=2 to span multiple mainlogs

Version 1.60.0


Related to the feature: user_email_smtp_logs=1 If you change this to be: ./directadmin set user_email_smtp_logs 2 to a value 2 or higher (<1000), then DirectAdmin's call to exigrep will change from exigrep ID /var/log/mainlog to instead be: exigrep ID `/bin/ls -t /var/log/exim/mainlog* | /usr/bin/head -n 2` where 2 is swapped with the value set. The default is still 1, so you must set this to 2 if you want logs to go back further, at the cost of slower exigrep performance. NOTE: running exigrep on multiple mainlog does not maintain log order. The timestamps in the output are not always sequential, regardless of the order of the logs fed into it. ---- T23703 Compile time: Jan 19 2020 at ~20:36:21

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