Option: login_keys_notify_on_creation=2 for locked on

Version 1.60.0


New change which allowed calls to decide if the login key/hash Message System notice should be sent. A) When directadmin.conf login_keys_notify_on_creation=1 is set (internal default), the following rules apply: - creation of the command-line "--create-login-url" will not send a notice to avoid client confusion. - The command-line call can also pass login_keys_notify_on_creation=0|1 to decide if a notice should be sent. - any socket call, including APIs or command-line can pass login_keys_notify_on_creation=0|1 via POST to decide if a notice should be sent. B) However, if you set directadmin.conf to have login_keys_notify_on_creation=2: - all socket/2222 requests to override the default will be ignored, and a notice will always be sent. - The command-line method notices will still be off, but can still override using login_keys_notify_on_creation=0|1 C) For login_keys_notify_on_creation=0, then no action will generate a notice. Any call type can override the desired behavior to send one, if needed.

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