Show All Users: Per-User Pointer counter

Version 1.60.0


On the "Show All Users" page, each pointer is listed below it's domain, tagged with a "P:" to signify it's status as a pointer. This optional feature let you's set: ./directadmin set show_pointers_in_list 2 (where 1 is the internal default from the existing show_pointers_in_list feature) such that setting show_pointers_in_list=2 will add a counter beside each P, counting up for all Pointers for that given User. For example: P-1: P-2: P-3: This allows you to quickly see, at a glance, how many domain pointers a User has, without need more columns. ---- GLOBAL TOKEN SHOW_POINTERS_IN_LIST=0|1|2 was added in February 11, 2020. ---- T22847 Compile Time: Jan 6, 2020: 2:15pm

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