CMD_API_SHOW_USERS: All Users plus any variable from user.conf

Version 1.60.0


Extended the functionality of the CMD_API_SHOW_USERS command. By default, this will return a list[] of usernames. If you want to get the "date_created" variable for all Users under your control (Resellers can call this), you can simply request that variable by using: CMD_API_SHOW_USERS?get_variable=date_created so the "get_varilable" name can have any value from the user.conf file. Must be a very basic value: a-zA-Z0-9_ The return will be a list, eg: dbuser=Fri%20Jul%20%20%35%20%31%32%3A%33%31%3A%35%34%20%32%30%31%39&emailuser=Thu%20Sep%20%31%32%20%31%38%3A%34%33%3A%32%34%20%32%30%31%39

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