LANGUAGE: mail_settings.html now has internal language tokens from email.txt (TEMPLATE)(LANG)

Version 1.60.0


When creating an email account, after success, the User will be shown their user/pass, and pop/imap/smtp settings. This is stored in the template: /usr/local/directadmin/data/templates/mail_settings.html The |LANG| token is available, should you want to copy it to the data/templates/custom/mail_settings.html, however this is not a great solution. This change swaps all English works with |LANG_*| type tokens. These tokens all live internally in the: /usr/local/directadmin/data/skins/enhanced/lang/en/internal/email.txt 331=Your account %s@%s has been setup. In your e-mail program, use 332=Username 333=Password 334=POP/IMAP Server 335=SMTP Server 336=port And the template now looks like this: =================== |LANG_ACCOUNT_READY|:<br><br> <table class=list cellpadding=3 cellspacing=1> <tr><td class=list2 align=right><b>|LANG_USERNAME|:</b></td><td class=list2>|USER|@|DOMAIN|</td></tr> <tr><td class=list align=right><b>|LANG_PASSWORD|:</b></td><td class=list >|EMAIL_PASS|</td></tr> <tr><td class=list2 align=right><b>|LANG_POP_IMAP|:</b></td><td class=list2>mail.|DOMAIN|</td></tr> <tr><td class=list align=right><b>|LANG_SMTP|:</b></td><td class=list>mail.|DOMAIN| |LANG_PORT| 587</td></tr> </table> =================== Meaning you need only setup your language changes in the email.txt, rather than having to copy the template, which is really only meant for swapping ports or records, etc.. ---- T22500

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