Default Change: realtime_quotas=2

Version 1.60.0


New internal default, will apply to all existing installs and new installs: realtime_quota=2 This will make use of the system quotas to let Users see their usage in realtime. If you need to disable it, set it to 0: cd /usr/local/directadmin ./directadmin set realtime_quota 0 service directadmin restart ====== FreeBSD: Does not apply to FreeBSD, which will remain as 0. ====== ERRORS If you're noticing the quotas are returning a value, but does seem to be too low, ensure the correct quota type is set in the directadmin.conf. Check your mount of / (or /home), eg: [root@server directadmin]# mount | grep ' / ' /dev/mapper/vg_es664-lv_root on / type xfs (rw,relatime,attr2,inode64,usrquota,prjquota) If that's showing xfs, then ensure you're using use_xfs_quota=1: cd /usr/local/directadmin ./directadmin c | grep use_xfs_quota if it shows 0, set it to 1: ./directadmin set use_xfs_quota 1 service directadmin restart If the mount shows ext4, and you see use_xfs_quota=1, then set it to 0

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