nginx apache proxy not rotating correct number of logs.

Version 1.592


Relating to this: The rotation could should be double, set internally. The count of 5 would hold, for example: 3 nginx, and 2 apache logs which is not correct. While working on the changes. the nginx- prefix has been replaced with nginx. for domain. The subdomains already used nginx. for the prefix. Either nginx- or nginx. will be valid in the clearing of old logs. The assumption is that the 2 files: nginx.Oct-2019.tar.gz.1 Oct-2019.tar.gz.1 should have roughly the same timestamp, so the dated rotation simply multiplies the limit counter by 2 when nginx is in play. Subdomain file are sorted per subdomain, and each grouping is sorted by date before clearing. ====== WORKAROUND Simply double the number of logs you want to keep, until the bug is fixed: cd /usr/local/directadmin ./directadmin set logs_to_keep 10 ---- 20633

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