gzip compression on 2222

Version 1.59.2


New internal default directadmin.conf option: da_gzip=1 If you need to disable it: ./directadmin set da_gzip 0 service directadmin restart This feature will add chunked gzip compression to static files generated by DA. Slower connections will greatly benefit from this feature, and faster connection will see a slight speed improvement. The main benefit is resource size. For example, the /assets/app.js is 1.9MB, but with da_gzip=1 it's shrunk down to 378KB, to just 20% of the original size. Currently the requests that will get gzip compression, if the browser mentions support would be: /images/* /assets/* # excluding /assets/lang /IMG_* All log downloads (Admin Level -> Log Viewer, User Level Logs, Login Key Logs, etc.) Email/FTP password change tool html Plugin images/vue/css Skin custom config.json Other areas will be assessed to see if support would work there.

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