dkim=1 on restore with backup that did not have dkim does not setup dns

Version 1.59.0


The dkim=1 setting means that when a domain is created, DA will automatically setup the dkim keys, and dkim TXT records in the dns. This works correctly. During restore, if a user/domain is being created, this still happens normally, and the dns does get the TXT record, and dkim key files. However, then the restore portion of the dns from the backup happens, it does not merge TXT records, since it's only loading the values from the backup, and the new dkim TXT record vanishes. Fixed, such that during DNS restore, if all are true: - user is just created - dkim==1 - current zone (just created) has the x._dominkey TXT record - backup to be restored does NOT have the x._domainkey TXT record Then the live x._domainkey is transferred over to the restored value. ----- Compile time: Sept 13, 2019: ~18:55+ T19843

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