disable axfr (SECURITY)

Version 1.58.2


During a fresh DirectAdmin install, if there is no named.conf, DirectAdmin will install one for you. The provided named.conf from us has always included allow-transfer { none; }; This is a good thing. However, if you have a named.conf before DirectAdmin is installed, it would previously use the default allow-transfer setting, whatever it might have been. This change is to check to see if there is no trace of allow-transfer anywhere in your named.conf (or included options files), and if there are zero traces of that key-word, it will be added. Both new installs an existing installs will check and update the named config options{} section for this, and lock it down if it's not present. If you already have the setting, have the setting set to do something else (allow other IPs), etc, then no change will be done. If you DO want axfr transfers enabled, then add any variation of the desired allow-transfer setting to the options{} area of your named.conf, and future updates won't bother you again. Credit: Francisco @ https://buyvm.net/

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