User Level Exim log info per-account, per-ID (SKINS)(EXIM_PL)

Version 1.58.0


1) The CMD_EMAIL_POP? page will now have another column called "SMTP Log". There will be 2 URLs in that column for each account: In ⇄ Out The "In" URL will show the raw exigrep info for all incoming messages for this account. This includes any *attempted* messages that never made it to the account, which should greatly help Users debug lost messages. The "Out" URL will show any messages sent by this account, which should help in the debugging of who might be sending messages, to compliment the CMD_EMAIL_USAGE? page. URLs: CMD_EMAIL_USAGE?action=smtp_log&method=outgoing& CMD_EMAIL_USAGE?action=smtp_log&method=incoming& "fred" can be any valid email account or forwarder name under this User. ---- 2) The CMD_EMAIL_USAGE? page will now have 2 more radio boxes below the "Today/This Month/This Month, excluding today" radio boxes: Outgoing Incoming where the default is "Outgoing", as the page original had. If "Incoming" is selected, the parser flips from looking for method=outgoing to instead hunt for method=incoming in the /etc/virtual/usage/username.bytes, or /usr/local/directadmin/data/users/username/bandwidth.tally, depending on the day selector. Selecting "Incoming" will hide the "Highest Sender" table (I didn't feel "highest recipient" was worthy of a table). Regardless of incoming or outgoing, the Message "ID" column is now a URL pointing to: CMD_EMAIL_USAGE?domain=domain&action=id_info&id=1huNE5-0000s3-DH where it dumps the full output from exigrep for this message ID. Only message IDs that belong to the User (based on username.bytes or their bandwidth.tally) can be requested. ---- For either request, you can pass: html_encoded=yes and the output will be text/html and html encoded, instead of the raw text/plain, non-encoded default. ================ REQUIRED /etc/ version 27 For the "incoming" option to correctly show the sender column, the /etc/ needs to be updated to version 27. If you're using eximconf_release=4.5, then a simple: ./build update ./build eximconf should do the trick. Only messages logged after the update will have the sender stored. But viewing the entry for that local user@domain will still work (and show the sender in the log) =============== SKINS Adding the extra radio buttons has a few changes to: /usr/local/directadmin/data/skins/enhanced/user/email/usage.html to add the radio boxes for: direction=outgoing direction=incoming when directadmin=incoming is used, the |EMAIL_STATS| table will be empty "" and the |LANG_COUNT_NOTE| token will also be hidden via the skin's if-then option.

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