cpanel_to_da: Confirm creator match if User and creators already exist

Version 1.58


As the cpmove-*.gz file don't have the creators listed, most of the account checks that are typically done before the restore of all files even start, are skipped. As similar check was added to ensure if you have user.res1.fred.tar.gz and user.res2.fred.tar.gz, should "fred" already be restored to res1, if you try to restore the res2 file, it will be blocked. Related Message System error: Restore of account '%s' to creator '%s' has been denied, as this account already exists under the control of creator '%s' Related errortaskq.log/system.log: Backup::restoreFromFile(%s): User %s already existed under creator '%s'. Request to restore under '%s' has been denied as it's not a match. where %s characters will be swapped out, accordingly. T17056

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