force_ssl: global directadmin.conf option

Version 1.572


Currently, the force_ssl option is per-domain, off by default, and only set when a User enables it. This change (off by default),lets you set: force_ssl=1 into the directadmin.conf, so anytime the file: /usr/local/directadmin/data/users/domains/ is read by the Domain class, it will first put force_ssl=yes into the contain before reading it. Any absence of the force_ssl setting in the will force it to be enabled. Design change when directadmin.conf force_ssl=1 is set, such that when disabling force_ssl, it will now instead set: force_ssl=no Previously (or with da.conf force_ssl=0), disabling force_ssl in the GUI would simply delete the force_ssl option entirely, as it defaulted to 0.

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