Php-FPM: suspended User needs to use creator's selected php version

Version 1.57


Say you have User "suspend" created by Reseller "creator". Your CustmoBuild 2.0 options.conf might have: php1_release=7.2 php2_release=5.6 Where "suspended" had selected php 5.6 as the primary php version for their domain. Where "creator" has selected php 7.2 (or using the default) php version for their domain. When User suspended is suspended, the DocumentRoot points to /home/creator/domains/suspended. The bug was that the httpd.conf was trying to use "suspend"'s php version for the creator.sock, rather than whatever creator might have actually had available, eg: /home/creator/domains/suspended = /usr/local/php56/sockets/creator.sock where the logic would imply that the ~/domains/supsended DocumentRoot really should be using the creator's primary selected php version, eg: /home/creator/domains/suspended = /usr/local/php72/sockets/creator.sock DA bases the primary selected php version on any account's: user.conf: if present. If no php selection overrides have been chosen, the interval selection is still reset to 0, so the User's overrides are not used. Note, if "creator" has not created any domains, it wouldn't have a data/users/creator/php/php-fpm72.conf file. For this reason, creators will now always have 1 php-fpmXX.conf for either their selected main domain, or the first php version (as specified in the php1_release from options.conf) This is to ensure that the suspended User has some php .sock file to point to. May require: ./build rewrite_confs to create those missing creator's php72/sockets/creator.sock

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