Unset stats links

Version 1.57


Webalizer and Awstats links, often created as /stats or /awstats are simple for Users to create. But once the public_html/stats link is created, the User might not know how to remove them. Added a new button: <input type=submit name=unset value="Un-Set"> beside the Set button, on the CMD_USER_STATS?domain=domain.com page. That being said, similar to stats link creation, you can unset the link with this command: CMD_PUBLIC_STATS method: POST path=stats|awstats|<whatevertheuserhadset> unset=<anytext> The actual code to remove the path was already present, previously running the unlink before link creation. The unset code simply skips the creation step, but also adds a check to confirm the link has been removed.

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