rspamd wildcard whitelist/blacklist

Version 1.57


Unlike exim and SpamAssassin, rspamd doesn't use * in wildcards for whitelist/blacklist settings. Instead, it's a direct string match, so if you're wanting to blacklist: * the rspamd configs would actually need to use: from = "" and with this fix, DA will automatically hunt for the leading * character and remove it for the rspamd config (other configs are left unaltered with * ============= LIMITATIONS If you were trying to whitelist/blacklist based on other things like: fred@* this fix does not work, as the * cannot be removed in a way such that it would work. ============= DATASKQ reload Also, rspamd needed a reload after these changes, as it's not a realtime config file like SpamAssassin's user_prefs file. The rpsamd user config needs a full reload of rspamd. The reload was being called, but the dataskq didn't recognize rspamd as a valid service, so the reload was ignored.

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