Ability for Reseller/Admins to message all E-Mail accounts on the system (SKINS)(LANG)

Version 1.56


Tool giving Admins/Reseller the ability to quickly message all email accounts on the system. Must be "local" accounts, meaning it will only deliver to local domains listed in /etc/virtual/domains. Relating to the "Create Message" tool, eg: A) Admin/Reseller Level -> Manage Tickets -> Send Message B) Admin Level -> Show All Users -> (select user checkboxes) -> Send a Message C) Reseller Level -> List Users -> (select user checkboxes) -> Send a Message This tool will show a 2nd checkbox beside the "Email Only" checkbox, when the "Email Only" checkbox is checked. The new checkbox shows up as; [ x ] All E-Mail Accounts and if this is checked when submitting the "E-Mail Only" message, that message is: 1) Delivered to all User/Reseller accounts that were specified/selected, just as before 2) Plus all E-Mail accounts that exist under domains for those selected User accounts. For Admin's, as there is no "All users on the system" option for A/B (above), the only way to truly message *all* email accounts on the system, is to use: Admin Level -> Show All Users -> Advanced Search -> Items per Page = "All" -> Search Then top right, click "Select", scroll down, and click "Send a Message". Ensure both "E-Mail Only" and " All E-Mail Accounts" are both selected when sending the message. ============= BACKGROUND DELIVERY Since the list of email accounts is assembled before delivery, this list can get to be rather large. As a result, like the user=multiple, user=all, user=all_resellers options, the all_email_accounts=yes option will also push delivery to the background with the dataskq, and the sender will get a Message System notice after it's sent. ============= LIMITS The "All E-Mail Accounts" will send those virtual E-Mails as the Admin/Reseller, rather than "diradmin" which is used for the system account "E-Mail Only" part. This means that if there are any blocks by exim for this account to send emails, they will be handled accordingly. Note: the SpamBlocker outbound limits do not apply to local email delivery, so that's not really an issue.. probably would mainly just apply to full system account email delivery blocking, like: /etc/virtual/blacklist_usernames /etc/virtual/blacklist_script_usernames ============= SKINS user/ticket/create_multiple.html user/ticket/create.html within the |*if SHOW_EML_ONLY="yes"| section add checkbox for <input type=checkbox name=all_email_accounts value='yes'> This should be hidden/disabled if the "E-Mail Only" option is not enabled, and visible when "E-Mail Only" is enabled. Note that the E-Mail Only checkbox can be checked when it's loaded, so if it is, show the new checkbox on page load. ============= lang/en/user/ticket/main.html LANG_ALL_EMAIL_ACCOUNTS=All E-Mail Accounts LANG_ALL_EMAIL_ACCOUNTS_DESC=Selecting this option will apply only to E-Mail accounts under to the selected DirectAdmin accounts at or below your level lang/en/internal/command.txt 627=%s account %s has just been created 628=Reseller 629=Admin 630=Account %s has just created %s %s from IP %s

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