Plugins: global vue

Version 1.56


If you set: vue=yes or vue=1 or vue=http://localhost:3000/ in your plugin.conf, the plugins request page: CMD_PLUGINS_ADMIN?json=yes CMD_PLUGINS_RESELLER?json=yes CMD_PLUGINS?json=yes will add (use admin as an example) "vue": "/vue/admin.js" into the "hooks" array, for that given plugin, if the file exists: /usr/local/directadmin/plugins/hello_word/vue/admin.js Also applies to reseller.js and user.js. Evolution will pick this up for it's vue system. ----- If vue= starts with http, then a vue override mode kicks in. In the above example, we show: vue=http://localhost:3000/ which starts with http, thus applies. In that case, if the admin.js (or reseller.js/user.js) exists, the vue json output would be: "vue": "http://localhost:3000/admin.js"

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