Restore: additional IPs for Users and domains

Version 1.56


When using the "Use the IP stored in the backup" option, DA should try and use those IPs, or ensure it's swapped to a new value if the old value was on the old box for "additional IPs" instead of the main user.conf ip. Assumes they're already added to the given Reseller account, and set to the correct free or shared state, as desired, before issuing the restore. Previously, it only looked at the user.conf ip setting for the swap to the new value. It's now much smarter, and will restore a domain to it's previous value, even if the domain was set to some other IP address. ---- Aside from not being able to restore a server into a previous state, another issue was if you had this setup: user.conf:ip= user_ip.list:, domains/ restoring to a brand new IP: when restoring this backup, because the IP being search for to swap "from" was only looking for, then dns ended up in a bit of a mess where IPs were not being swapped. This fix looks for the correct for the "old" IP, to swap to ---- ==== If using the "Use the IP stored in the backup", attempt to assign it to that User. Important that you have it assigned to the creator first, and set correctly to "free" or "shared", before restoring the User. If using the "Use the IP from the list:", DA will create the User and domain with the new value, but search for the backup old domain.conf file for the old search value for swapping to the new IP. ====== T14209

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