php-fpm.conf: pm.max_requests = 500 new default (TEMPLATES)

Version 1.56


To clear possible memory leaks from php or 3rd party libraries, reloading the php-fpmXX services after 500 requests can be done. If there are leaks, this will help keep runaway memory leaks to a reduced amount of overhead. New default in the template: /usr/local/directadmin/data/templates/php-fpm.conf ======= |?MAX_REQUESTS=500| ... pm.max_requests = |MAX_REQUESTS| ======== where the |CUSTOM1| token can be filled to override this limit, but setting something similar to the |?MAX_REQUESTS=500| in the CUSTOM1 token, but with a desired value. Using 0 will disable the reload count (which is internal default in php, if unset).

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