extra unzip command line options & max extraction file listing count

Version 1.55


New directadmin.conf setting, with internal default as blank: extra_unzip_option= The usaul way DA unzips a file is unzip -qo '/domains/domain.com/file.zip' In some cases, this error could show up: path/blaÃŒÅtest.jpg: mismatching "local" filename (path/bla├М┼аtest.jpg), continuing with "central" filename version The solution is to add these options to the directadmin.conf: extra_unzip_option=-O cp396 and restart directadmin. The value is inserted after the -qo, so it would end up looking like this: unzip -qo -O cp396 '/domains/domain.com/file.zip' ========================= Also added into the default internal settings is: extract_list_max_files=5000 where 5000 is the internal default. You can override it by adding it and the new value to the directadmin.conf. When extracting a tar.gz or a zip file, if the number of files within the compress file is greater than 5000, then the rest will be chopped of. DA basically just looks for the 5000'th newline character and nulls it with , ending the string. If this is hit, this string is added to the end of the listing: Maximum number of files listed (5000). Suppressing further output. This should prevent hangups if a very large zip/tar.gz is being extracted.

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