Evolution: Option for Reseller config.json to not be inherited from Admin

Version 1.55


In the sake of branding, some Resellers might not want to see the customizations set by the Admin. Customization in evolution are stored in a config.json file, per Reseller/Admin account. If the current account does not have one, its "creator" is queried to see if they have one. In this case, a Reseller's creator is often "admin", thus if the current Reseller does not have a config.json customization override (which they won't, by default), the admin's config.json is shown. This is not always desired. New option, internal default: reseller_use_admin_config_json=1 which can be disabled by adding: reseller_use_admin_config_json=0 to the directadmin.conf OR by adding: reseller_use_admin_config_json=yes|no to the Reseller's file: /usr/local/directadmin/data/users/RESELLERNAME/reseller.conf The reseller.conf trumps the directadmin.conf. When DA reads it as 0, then should the current Reseller not have a config.json, the 'creator' config.json is not searched for, and all skins defaults are used. Although it's not a standard package/account option, you can pass: reseller_user_admin_config_json=yes|no with Reseller creation: CMD_ACCOUNT_RESELLER or modification: CMD_MODIFY_RESELLER The yes|no reseller.conf, vs 1|0 directadmin.conf are just in case we do ever add it to packages, then it will be correctly supported.

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