Confusing dns_ttl=1 vs allow_ttl_override=1 (SKINS)

Version 1.54


When both of these are enabled, it can be confusing when the client sets an "Override TTL Value". Solution is to change TTL input for new record to be a static number, set to that Override TTL Value. Other side-effects when Override TTL Value is enabled for a given zone, is that the wildcard LetsEncrypt option tries to specify a TTL, but it's not respected. So avoid using the Override TTL Value option if you need to use LetsEncrypt. (it should still work, but it sets records for longer than needed) ==== SKINS admin/dns_admin_control.html user/dns_control.html extra checks to convert the TTL_INPUT token to be a static number: |?SET_STATIC_TTL_INPUT=yes| |*if DNS_TTL="yes"| |?COLSPAN=5| |?TTL_INPUT=<td class=list_alt align=center><input type=text name=ttl size=6 value="`TTL_VALUE`" placeholder="`LANG_TTL_BLANK_FOR_DEFAULT`" title="`LANG_TTL_BLANK_FOR_DEFAULT`"></td>| |?BLANK_TD=<td class=list_alt></td>| <td class=listtitle align=center >|LANG_TTL|</td > |*else| |?SET_STATIC_TTL_INPUT=no| |*endif| |*if ALLOW_TTL_OVERRIDE!="yes"| |?SET_STATIC_TTL_INPUT=no| |*endif| |*if TTL_CUSTOM_SELECTED!="checked"| |?SET_STATIC_TTL_INPUT=no| |*endif| |*if SET_STATIC_TTL_INPUT="yes"| |?TTL_INPUT=<td class=list_alt align=center>`TTL_VALUE`</td>| |*endif|

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