Notify Users about existing LetsEncrypt auto-renewal when they overwrite with a pasted cert/key pair

Version 1.54


Some confusion with regards to the "Disable Auto-Renew" feature: has come up where clients forget to do that when a new cert/key pair is saved. The reason for not disabling the auto-renew upon the paste/save was that clients would click it with the current live/cert, which shouldn't change anything. However, sometimes they do paste in a new value, so they'll need to know if they should disable the auto-renew or not. This change will give them a notification after they past a cert/key and click save, but only if there is a future auto-renew still setup. After clicking "Save", they'll be shown: Certificate and Key Saved. Note: the previous Let's Encrypt config is still set to renew in %d days. If you do not wish to overwrite the current certificate, please disable the auto-renewal and if json is not used, it will add this below that: <form action='CMD_SSL' method='POST'><input type='hidden' name='domain' value=''><input type=submit name='disable_letsencrypt_autorenew' value="Disable Auto-Renew"></form> if json IS used, then the extra variable will be present: show_disable_letsencrypt_autorenew=yes

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