MySQL install to check /root/.mysql_secret, if needed

Version 1.54


In order to update the default MySQL install to a newer version (specifically for CentOS 6) the newer MySQL 5.6 (vs older 5.5) version sets a default password, rather than a blank one. The has been updated in order to check for the /root/.mysql_secret if the initial setting of the root password failed. It also address that default password as expiring immediately, so it uses the SET PASSWORD option with --connect-expired-password to reset to the mysql=PASS value from the setup.txt, using the /root/.mysql_secrets value. After this version of DA is released, we'll be able to update the default CentOS 6 MySQL version to 5.6 (which can still be converted to MariaDB, if desired) Note, to convert to MariaDB, there are some "rules" that you should follow, since MySQL 5.6 cannot go to MariaDB 5.5, eg:

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