Allow Local Mailserver option without dns control (SKINS)

Version 1.533


New value, with internal default: local_mailserver_without_dnscontrol=0 where, if you add: local_mailserver_without_dnscontrol=1 to your directadmin.conf, the "MX Records" URL will show up when viewing a domain, and you can make changes to the "Local Mail Server" option, where you might have dnscontrol=OFF in your account. Some Users might have external DNS, hence they shouldn't change their dns settings, but still need to change their Local Email Server settings. ============ SKINS data/skins/enhanced/user/dns_mx_control.html No significant changes to this page with regards to the feature, but added DNS_DISABLED in more areas to avoid confusion. eg: to disable the add MX record input fields, and "Add" button. ---- data/skins/enhanced/user/show_domain.html Change the MX URL to have these conditions: |?CAN_MX=ON| |*if USERDNSCONTROL!="ON"| |?CAN_MX=OFF| |*endif| |*if LOCAL_MAILSERVER_WITHOUT_DNSCONTROL="1"| |?CAN_MX=ON| |*endif| |*if CAN_MX="ON"| <a href="/CMD_DNS_MX?domain=|domain|">|LANG_MX_RECORDS|</a><br> |*endif|

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