Optional template |PROXY_IP| variable (TEMPLATES)

Version 1.533


New directadmin.conf option, where you can set: proxy_ip= into the directadmin.conf, and it will add that value: |PROXY_IP| available in the apache and nginx templates (including proxy). If you don't set it in the directadmin.conf, it will be set to the default |IP| --- If the proxy_ip is an ipv6, the token will be wrapped with square brakets, eg: proxy_ip=::1 will load in the token: PROXY_IP=[::1] =========== TEMPLATES The 4 nginx_* templates are all modified in the proxy_pass line, where applicable, eg: proxy_pass http://|PROXY_IP|:|PORT_8080|; so the |IP| has been swapped with |PROXY_IP| in just the proxy_pass line. nginx_server.conf nginx_server_secure.conf nginx_server_secure_sub.conf nginx_server_sub.conf

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