Cluster: Allow/Deny for user/domain zone check and sync

Version 1.533


You might have some domains or Users that you do not want the Multi-Server Setup clustering tool to be working with. Two new files give you the ability to skip both the "Zone Transfer" and "Domain Check" features of the MSS: /usr/local/directadmin/data/admin/cluster_zone_allow.list /usr/local/directadmin/data/admin/cluster_zone_deny.list both of these lists can contain Users and/or Domains. 1) If neither file exists, all zones for the given Users/Domains are synced 2) If allow exists, no zones for the given Users/Domains are synced, unless in this file. This file overrides deny. 3) If User and/or Domain is the deny, their zone will not be synced. -> Only one of the User or Domain is required in the allow file. If either can be present, although User may cover multiple Domains. -> If either of the User or Domain is in the deny, the related zone will not be synced, unless already allowed via "allow", but: -> if allow exists, the deny is never checked. -> Applies both Zone Transfer, and Domain Check, meaning a remote zone can have a duplicate name but wont error if it's skipped locally. -> Creating/Writing/Deleting will also be skipped remotely, if skipped locally.

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