CMD_SKINS: ability to change directadmin.conf docsroot to affect login page (SKINS)(LANG)

Version 1.532


The evolution skin comes with a login.html built in. DirectAdmin can only ever show 1 login page, so it checks if the directadmin.conf docsroot value has a login.html associated with it. The feature adds a "Set Global" button to the CMD_SKINS table, but only for Admin accounts. You can see the current directadmin.conf docsroot at the bottom eg: Global Document Root ./data/skins/enhanced ===================== SKINS reseller/skins.html Changed the lower part of the page to show: <table> <tr><td>|LANG_CURRENTLY_USING|</td><td><b>|SKIN|</b></td></tr> <tr title='|LANG_FOR_LOGIN_PAGE|'><td>|LANG_GLOBLAL_DOCSROOT|</td><td><b>|GLOBAL_DOCSROOT|</b></td></tr> </table> ===================== LANG lang/en/reseller/skins.html LANG_GLOBLAL_DOCSROOT=Global Document Root LANG_FOR_LOGIN_PAGE=for login page and defaults ===================== JSON New array called "settings" with a value: "global_docsroot": "./data/skins/enhanced" ===================== DEVELOPERS Note the reset command: CMD_SKINS?reset=yes sets your user.conf back to the directadmin.conf docsroots, so you'll want to make sure the skin is fully functional and trusted before clicking this option. Else, if you end up with a broken skin state, you cannot reset it back to enhanced (for example) via that command, and would then need to manually edit your user.conf to change the docsroot and skin values.

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