FileManager to check for binary data before showing edit text

Version 1.532


When editing a file, DA shows the "Edit" button, solely based on the mime type via file extension. However, there are cases, such as dovecot.index.log where this file is binary, and should not be edited. When the action=edit is called on a file, the "file" program is run as the User to try and figure out if the type returned is binary and should not be edited. directadmin.conf internal default: fm_allow_binary_edit=0 To allow binary files to be edited (bypass the check), add: fm_allow_binary_edit=1 and restart DA. ================= ERROR from the error.log: 2018:09:07-12:16:34: User bob tried to edit '/home/user/domains/', but the file is not editable due to type 'data' or output to User: File is not editable due to type 'data'

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