Ability to override default /home directory (SKINS)(LANG)

Version 1.53.0


Relating to the /etc/defaults/useradd HOME default method, this method lets you just add: create_user_home_override=/home2 to the directadmin.conf, and DA will explicitly set this value when creating the User. This will override the useradd internal default and /etc/default/useradd HOME default. Applies to any OS. You can now also specify a desired /home directory, settable in the skins, if you add something like: home_override_list=/home:/home2:/home3 where all paths must exist before DA is restarted, else none will be set. Once set, the package will be able to have, eg: create_user_home_override=/home2 allowing that account to be created into that path. Note: Since there are no Admin packages, the directadmin.conf method is the only way to alter the admin home directory. (but you can post the desired create_user_home_override=/home2 with the creation, which would be accepted even though it's not in the form) At this time, changing the create_user_home_override value in a package will not move a User to a different home directory. Same for editing a User's settings.. the user cannot be moved to a /home2 (for example) through DA. ========================== PACKAGES both User and Reseller packages will now support the setting: create_user_home_override=/home2 where the value must exist in the directadmin.conf setting for home_override_list or will be ignored. ========================== BACKUP & RESTORE If specified, this value will be set in the user.conf during account creation. So DA will attempt to restore it to this same path. However, you must have already setup the home_override_list in the directadmin.conf, or the value will be ignored. ========================== SKINS reseller/show_user_package.html admin/show_reseller_package.html |*if CREATE_USER_HOME_OVERRIDE| <tr><td class=list>|LANG_HOME_DIR|</td><td class=list align=center>|CREATE_USER_HOME_OVERRIDE|</td><td class=list>|LANG_LOCATION_FOR_THIS_ACCOUNT|</td></tr> |*endif| ---------------------- CMD_SHOW_USER?user=username will show the *current* /home2 path if home_override_list is set (/etc/passwd) BUT if the user.conf create_user_home_override does not match the current home path from /etc/passwd, then a warning is shown in column 3: "Does not match setting: /home" ========================== LANG lang/en/admin/create_reseller.html LANG_HOME_DIR=Home Directory LANG_LOCATION_FOR_THIS_ACCOUNT=Location for this account lang/en/internal/commands.txt 593=Home path '%s' is not in the allowed home_override_list 594=Home Directory 595=Does not match setting: %s lang/en/internal/backup.txt 140=Tried to restore '%s' to '%s', but this path is not in the %s 141=Account created in directory '%s'

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