FileManager recursive filename/folder search

Version 1.51


json output for query: CMD_FILE_MANAGER Method: GET or POST action=recursive_search path=/ search=txt where path can be any folder name to search in. Keep in mind that /imap and /Maildir can be huge, so don't search them if you don't need to. optional value: type=files or type=directories will search only for that type, and not show the other type. -------------------------------------- Sample json output : "files": { "/domains/": "6188", "/domains/": "4424" } , "directories": { "/domains/": "4096" } , "info": { "completed": "1", "path": "/" } -------------------------------------- If there is a MAJOR error, always first check for the "error" value, eg: { "error": "Error with search", "result": "search length out of bounds: 2 < || > 128n" } -------------------------------------- where there are 3 arrays, files, directorties, and info. The files/directories will have matched substring path and the file/folder size. (folders are usually 4096 bytes, but can be larger if there are many inodes inside) The info arrary contains the path that was requested and a "completed" value. The info['completed] value will be a number: 0 - all files/folders searched. If matched, it will be in the list. 1 - the size of the list maxed out before finishing. 2 - the maximum time passed before finishing. 3 - some error occurred and info['error'] will contain a string showing the error(s). (there could be multiple, one per line) The max time is specified by the directadmin.conf option: ajax_search_max_time=2.0 The max list size is specified by the directadmin.conf option: ajax_list_max=20

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