zip_bin unzip_bin to allow zip/unzip binary override

Version 1.51


New directadmin.conf options: zip_bin=(null) unzip_bin=(null) both are null (unset) by default. If the values are added to the directadmin.conf, they should hold the path to the zip/unzip binaries, eg: zip_bin=/usr/bin/zip unzip_bin=/usr/bin/unzip adjusted as desired. If the values are set to null (aka: not in the directadmin.conf at all), then DA will look for /usr/bin/zip else /usr/local/bin/zip to use for compression. The purpose of this is to allow an override if in case you need to add a wrapper to unzip, in such cases as extraction of UTF-8 files, eg: unzip_bin=/usr/bin/unzip2 With unzip2 containing: #!/bin/bash export LANG=en_US.UTF-8 exec /usr/bin/unzip $@ exit $?

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