CustomBuild and DA to add linked IPs to httpd-vhosts.conf and nginx-vhosts.conf

Version 1.51


When you're on a LAN or have linked IPs, anything set to the server IP should also apply to those linked values. For the normal templates, we used the already present MULTI_IP token. But for the httpd-vhost.conf and nginx-vhosts.conf, they're not created by DA, only by CustomBuild, so we needed another swap. The CustomBuild 2.0 build script release 1588 will have: configure/ap2/conf/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf configure/nginx/conf/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf with new tokens: |LINKEDIP| |LINKEDIPSSL| where the dataskq will tokenize them. The build script will also swap them to blank "" in case the dataskq doesn't support it yet. To confirm the dataskq has it, type: ./dataskq h and you should see: ./dataskq --linked-ips :Output the server IP's linked IPs. Skip all other tasks. in the output. CustomBuild uses a modified version of that. For apache and the httpd-vhosts.conf: ./dataskq --linked-ips=2 For nginx and the nginx-vhosts.conf: ./dataskq --linked-ips=3 and it will tokenize those files, respectively.

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