load_token=NAME to output only the value of that token for the given page

Version 1.542


You can set the variable: load_token=NAMEOFTOKEN in the GET request to any DA call, and instead of generating the normal page will all details, this change will only output the value of that token, and hide everything else. No skin data, no headers, no footers, etc.. A useful example would be to use ajax to get DA to create a table, and generate it on the fly, without changing the main content of the page. The message system might use this to refresh the table of messages, without refreshing the whole page. If the token is found and sent, you'll also get a header: X-load-token: NAMEOFTOKEN to confirm you got anything. If it's not set, then you didn't get the token, and might not want to attempt any output, as it's possible you get a login screen or something else. Eg: CMD_ALL_USER_SHOW?load_token=TABLE gives only the list of client's table, and no other part of the skin.

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