Ability to script/send your own custom notifications to the Admin Message System

Version 1.5


Very simple new task.queue command to send Admin notices. action=notify value=admin subject=Your Subject message=Content of your Message It should be URL encoded (mainly if you want newline characters: %0A) so that it can be posted to the task.queue. Here's an example: echo "action=notify&value=admin&subject=hello this is my subject&message=this is the notification%0Awith a new line." >> data/task.queue.cb; ./dataskq d10 --custombuild Note the above sends to the task.queue.cb file, and calls the dataskq with the --custombuild option. This skips all other typical dataskq commands, so you don't accidentally process a backup or the tally. IMPORTANT: There is no form checking on the subject and message. As you must have root access to do this, we trust you to pass clean values.

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