New template for easier branding (TEMPLATES)

Version 1.5


New footer template: /usr/local/directadmin/data/templates/message_footer.txt allowing all other messages to simply include the 1 file. This will let you very easily swap out that template, rather than changing all mentioned templates below, in order to alter the footer text. block_cracking_notice_denied_path.txt block_cracking_notice_script.txt block_cracking_notice.txt email_limit_message.txt load_check_message.txt message_tech.txt message_user.txt partition_check_message.txt per_email_limit_email_message.txt per_email_limit_message.txt reseller_limit.txt user_limit.txt user_suspension.txt and each of these templates will have their footer sections replaced with this token: |MSG_FOOTER| The message_footer.txt has the following variables available: DEAMONNAME=DirectAdmin DA_WEBSITE= HTTP=http or https PORT=2222 VERSION=1.49.2 LANG=en Also, new directadmin.conf options: name=DirectAdmin da_website= The "name" was actually already internally set, but this allows you to override the value if you want better branding. The da_website value can be changed, will will affect the link at the bottom of the page, in case you want clients to see your own website rather than ours. Note, there are some areas we still force "DirectAdmin" to be shown, such as in the http header output, as the Multi-Server Setup requires to see that exact text, or it won't work. There are also many instances of the text DirectAdmin throughout which have not been touched, as they would need language pack variables that would break if we add %s to the string (as the var count would fail)

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