Leftover files in /home/tmp/admin.1234/user on failed backups

Version 1.5


If the backup is aborted prematurely, the previously post backup cleanup of admin.1234 (which only runs as "diradmin") didn't have enough permissions to remove admin.1234/user, because that's chowned to the user. Fix is to trigger a folder removal of admin.1234/user as the User. Done in the same function call, right before the user_backup_failed.sh script is called. That will remove "user/*", so that removal of admin.1234 as "diradmin" can proceed normally. The remove of admin.1234/user itself, although owned by "user" doesn't work because admin.1234 doesn't allow write privilges to user. So the "fix" folder removal will do everything, but always generate an error in the debug 100 output. It's not sent to the errortaskq.log because know it's going to happen. (saves having to code a new function to read all folders within user, and loop, etc..). Then the "diradmin" removal of admin.1234 has enough privilege to remove the rest.

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