Admin/Reseller backups

Version 1.5


New script called just before a backup job is saved, either to a cron or to the task.queue. Applies for both creation and modification of backups, and backup crons. Env data passed to the script will match exactly what is given to the task.queue upon backup creation, unless "when=cron" is set, then it will only be saved (no task.queue entry) Too many options to list, just create sample task.queue entries for the data you're looking to check. Some variables: action=backup type=admin|reseller value=multiple owner=fred when=cron|now (all cron date items) (append_to_path=%something) optional where=ftp|local (ftp_username, ftp_path, ftp_port, ftp_secure, ftp_password) (local_path=/home/somewhere) who=all|except|selected (select0=george, select1=gary, etc..) what=all|what_select (all of the "what_select" checkboxes) Similar to other script, if you exit with a non-zero value, the process will abort and an error message shown on screen. To let the save continue, use: exit 0;

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