Sent E-Mails on "Show All Users"

Version 1.49


NOTE: column will be blank until the show_all_users.cache cache is rebuilt, usually after the next tally has completed. To help Admins better track the amount of outbound emails for a given User, I've added a new column to the page: Admin Level -> Show All Users called: Sent E-Mails referring to the number of E-Mails that have left the server by this User account. It will show 2 numbers, eg: 110 (Today: 10) Which would mean that 100 emails have been sent on previous days of the month, and 10 emails have been sent today. The "100" number is stored in the show_all_users.cache file, but the "today 10" is loaded on the fly, so this could slow things down somewhat. But rather than looking for the usage file for each User which would slow it down with May Users (/etc/virtual/usage), DA instead reads in all files from /etc/virtual/usage/* which will usually be a much smaller subset, vs the total number of Users, and will save this list in memory, so as the table is filled, it only adds the (Today:xx) number to the total if the file existed. If no usage is visible "today", then it would instead show just: 100

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