Skip all templates in ~/domains/ upon restore creation

Version 1.49


If a User does not exist, previously a restore would first have DA create the User/Domain with the default paths. After creation, the tar.gz would be extracted overtop, setting the data. However, sometimes people might have links, eg: /home/user/domains/ -> /some/other/path Fix is to extend a previous change: where a skeleton/template is not processed for a domain on restore, so the template is skipped. This skip has now been extended to all folders to the ~/domains/ folder (excluding public_ftp). So the new functionality is: If a Domain does exist during a restore, it will be created prior to extracting the tar.gz. But the creation processes will not create anything in ~/domains/ (except public_ftp) and assumes that the extraction of the tar.gz will set the data as it was.

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