Remote ftp backup/restore to support secure FTPS (SKINS)(LANG)

Version 1.49.0


Remote ftp backups should be using a secure connection. Add "Secure TLS" option to the skins. Changes to the ftp_upload.php will be needed, and likely other scripts too. Will use a env variable to tell the script to use a secure connection. Custom scripts that currently exist should be updated to make this work, but not updating shouldn't break anything. ======================== MAKE SURE you test the feature before setting it / leaving it. Not all remote ftp servers support ftps, so run a test on 1 User first, and confirm the file shows up on the other end in the correct path. ======================== MAKE SURE you have a current version of curl in /usr/local/bin/curl. The scripts will try /usr/bin/curl as a fallback, but those are usually older and don't have the newer required ssl settings. If unsure, update with CustomBuild: cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild ./build update ./build set curl yes ./build curl ldconfig ======================== SCRIPTS: ftp_upload.php ftp_list.php ftp_download.php new environmental variable passed to the scripts: ftp_secure=no|ftps if ftp_secure==ftps, the upload/list use curl for the tls ftp functions. The ftp_download still uses php, but just swaps to use ftp_ssl_connect() ======================== SKINS: ------------------ admin/admin_backups.html reseller/backups.html 2 places under "step 3: where" AND form action=update_files <tr><td class=list align=right>|LANG_SECURE_FTP|:</td><td class=list>|FTP_SECURE_SELECT|</td></tr> action=restore form: <input type=hidden name=ftp_secure value="|ftp_secure|"> ------------------ admin/admin_backup_modify.html reseller/backup_modify.html <tr><td class=list align=right>|LANG_SECURE_FTP|:</td><td class=list>|FTP_SECURE_SELECT|</td></tr> ======================== LANG: lang/en/internal/backup.txt 139=No lang/en/reseller/backup_modify.html LANG_SECURE_FTP=Secure FTP

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