BlockCracking 1.2 can automatically block specifc paths that send messages (TEMPLATES)

Version 1.48


Support for BlockCracking 1.2: Changes to DA allow the new BC type "denied_path" in the mail_task.queue. Requires version 20-beta2. BC 1.2 uses a new file: /etc/exim.blockcracking/script.denied_paths.txt which contains a list of exim nwildlsearch regex path values, for example: ^.*/wp-content/uploads.* and compares the sending path against it. If it matches, this path is dumped into the BC script block file: /var/spool/exim/blocked_script_paths just like bad sending scripts get for sending to too many bad recipients. The regex doesn't use a trailing / after the final path, eg, we cannot use: ^.*/wp-content/uploads/.* (this won't work) because the cwd that exim see doesn't end with "uploads/", it just ends in "uploads". This will run the logical risk of blocking something like: wp-contents/uploads-from-yesterday but... I can't really seeing this as being a major issue. Regardless, you should keep this in mind when selecting your regex. DA is notified via the, and a message is sent out to notify everyone, in the same manner as before (same rules for script unblocking) ****************************************************** INSTALLATION: Use CustomBuild 2.0 to install BC 1.2 for you: Requires: - DirectAdmin 1.48.0 (or pre-release binaries April 24, 2015+) - exim.conf 4.3.3+ - 20-beta2+ ****************************************************** TEMPLATES: block_cracking_notice_denied_path.txt ****************************************************** RELATED: - BC 1.0 (nothing too useful here) - directadmin.conf variables to control unblocking - directadmin.conf variables to control who gets notified

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