Email Disk Usage opion to show true bytes rather than block usage

Version 1.48


By default, the E-Mail accounts page will show you the usage of each account, in terms of how much disk space the account is using up: how many blocks are used. This may cause confusion because quota reporting for dovecot uses the file's size, rather than block usage, so the two numbers could vary by a large degree. New option, added to DA (default) pop_disk_usage_true_bytes=0 Where you can set it to 1: pop_disk_usage_true_bytes=1 and the E-Mail usage page will instead show the sum of the file sizes, rather than the block usage. The "hover-over" popup will show the "other" size, that isn't displayed for both 0 and 1, as: Block Usage: Apparent Size: where Block Usage represents the block usage of the account, and Apparent Size represents the sum of the file sizes.

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