FONT-SIZE: 8.5pt

Version 1.48


After a recent chrome update to 41.0.2272.89, the previous 8pt value used everywhere for over a decade has now lost a pixel in height, causing the font to be small and hard to read. It's entirely possible that the Chrome change actually "fixed" a previous issue.. or could be a newly introduced bug. After some testing, we've changed the 8pt size to 8.5pt (roughly 11px) which seems to restore the previous look. Firefox looks fine with either. IE looks small with both (always has), but won't put much weight on IE. If if it a Chrome bug, we'll revert to 8pt after it's fixed. If it's actually a fix for Chrome to make the font look as it's actually intended, then we'll leave the changed value of 8.5pt in place. ------------------- Possibly related threads:!category-topic/chrome/give-feature-feedback-and-suggestions/y0dBAL2zJRY!msg/chrome/TLA408iuLdc/GPIi_yQIAR8J Forum thread:

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