Version 1.47


Relating to /usr/local/directadmin/scripts/custom/ You can now check all options the User is trying to save through DA in case you want to restrict the settings to certain values. All GET and POST values will be in the evironment, plus "username". For both scripts, exit with a non-zero value to abort the action. Exit with 0 to allow the action. echo'ed output is displayed if non-zero exit value. Variables: action=save username=fred where=inbox|spamfolder|userspamfolder|delete required_hits=0.0|custom (decimal number) if required_hits=custom:, this is used: required_hits_custom=0.0 high_score_block=yes|no high_score=7 (integer) rewrite_subject=1|0 subject_tag=****SPAM**** report_safe=0|1|2 blacklist_from=textarea of emails whitelist_from=textarea of emails ========================================================== Similarly, if you want to prevent the User from disabling SA: /usr/local/directadmin/scripts/custom/ Note: There is nothing stopping a User from just deleting the user_prefs file. Variables: username=fred

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