internal default change: user_can_set_email_limit=1 (SKINS)(LANG)

Version 1.47


Default change to be: user_can_set_email_limit=1 Relating to: If you wish to allow the Users to set values higher than the default 200, by leave 200 as the default, then chnage: max_per_email_send_limit=-1 to be (for example): max_per_email_send_limit=500 where the default -1 tells DA to rely on the /etc/virtual/user_limit. 0 is unlimited, and anything above that is the max number a User can set. ----------------------------------------------------- Updates: When updating DA, if the file: /etc/virtual/user_limit does not exist, the will set it to 0 (unlimted, same as not-existing) The /etc/virtual/limit and /etc/virtual/limit_dausername will still be enforced. ----------------------------------------------------- New Installs: For new installs, the default value for: /etc/virtual/user_limit will be 200, set by Keep this in mind when restoring accounts from different server. ======================== SKINS: admin/admin_settings.html add new values: ---- <input type=text name=per_email_limit value="|PER_EMAIL_LIMIT|" size=4> &nbsp;&nbsp;<a target=_blank href="">(?)</a> <input type=radio name=user_can_set_email_limit value="yes" |USER_CAN_SET_EMAIL_LIMIT_YES|>|LANG_YES|&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<input type=radio name=user_can_set_email_limit value="no" |USER_CAN_SET_EMAIL_LIMIT_NO|>|LANG_NO| &nbsp;&nbsp;<a target=_blank href="">(?)</a> <input type=text name=max_per_email_send_limit value="|MAX_PER_EMAIL_LIMIT|" size=4> &nbsp;&nbsp;-1=|PER_EMAIL_LIMIT|, 0=|LANG_UNLIMITED| &nbsp;&nbsp;<a target=_blank href="">(?)</a> ---- ======================== LANG: lang/en/admin/admin_settings: LANG_PER_EMAIL_LIMIT=Daily limit per E-Mail Account LANG_USER_CAN_SET_PER_EMAIL_LIMIT=User can set limit per E-Mail LANG_MAX_PER_EMAIL=Max limit User can set per E-Mail

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