Domain selector on certain pages (SKINS)

Version 1.463


New global token: ALL_DOMAINS_SELECT Contains a <select> list of all domains for this User account in the form: <select class=tree ondblclick="location.href='/CMD_SHOW_DOMAIN?';" onchange="location.href='/CMD_<VALUE>?domain='+this.value;"> <option></option><option></option><option></option>.. etc. </select> (it's all on one line, not 3) DA will set <option select> for the given domain based on the & or &DOMAIN=domain from the GET headers. The SESSION_SELECTED_DOMAIN is not used for this case, as it's not always set to the same domain. If you double-click the select box's current entry, you'll be bounced back up to CMD_SHOW_DOMAIN, as that's the orignal href that the selectbox has replaced, so the functionality is not lost. For SKIN, basically edit the |?TREE...| and completely remove the <a href> for CMD_SHOW_DOMAIN, and swap it with this: `ALL_DOMAINS_SELECT` SKINS: all below user/* apache_handlers.html dns_control.html dns_mx_control.html domain_pointers.html error_pages.html mime_types.html email/autresponder.html email/catch_all.html email/filter.html email/forwarder.html email/list.html email/pop.html email/spamassassin.html email/uasge.html ftp/ftp.html filemanager/protected.html redirects.html show_domain.html subdomains.html user_stats.html

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