Give warning if package inode set between 1-200

Version 1.46


We've seen a few cases where Reseller/Admins set a limit of 1 inode for a Reseller/User package... causing instant quota limits to be hit upon creation. The wording of "quota limit reached" for as the system error string causes confusion, as they only look a their quota usage settings, rather than their inode settings. When creating or changing a package, if the inode limits are set between 1 and 200, the package will still be saved, but a warning is given to the Admin/Reseller. A typical inode limit can be anywhere from 5000-10000, but can vary greatly, higher or lower, depending on what your needs are. Also prevent setting 0 bandwidth, 0 quota, or 0 inodes. If you want unlimited, select unlimited.

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